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A Decade Apart Premonitions Part 2 (Rating 4 Out Of 5) Album Review by Adam Sines


A Decade Apart Premonitions Part Album Review Written By: Adam Sines



Following up their 2018 EP Prementions Part 1, A Decade Apart is back with their newest EP Prementions Part 2. Although less heavier then the first album, Prementions Part 2 still packs a punch!

The albums starts off strong and never lets up. For me, the stand outs are the first track, Hope for Tomorrow, having a popish punk sound in the same vein as Silverstein and Senses Fail that makes you want to get up and move and the third track, Wake Me Up, which has a more melodic and flowing sound.

They still have their signature post hardcore sound but have noticeably taken steps in a new direction that shows the most on Wake Me Up.

Their use of electronics is still evident and every member seems have stepped up their musicianship. The attribute that is most evident is singer Joshua Hardin, who shows that he can preform clean vocals along with screaming just as well.

Premonitions Part 2 is definitely a must for any ADA fan and a must listen to for anyone looking to expand their musical tastes.


Premonitions Part 2 contains 6 cathartic tracks showcasing the band’s ability to incorporate punchy lyrics and angsty melodies in an aggressively irresistible dynamic that is simply unparalleled. The EP is the perfect balance of pop-infused metalcore and electronic post-hardcore, proving that ADA refuse to confine themselves to one specific genre.

When asked about the EP, vocalist Josh Hardin says, “I feel that Premonitions Part 2 is a direct representation of the past relationships from members in the band. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and we hope it will connect with our fans and ADA family.”

Track List:

1. “Hope In Tomorrow”

2. “Love Like Knives”

3. “Wake Me Up”

4. “Premonitions”

5. “Titan Arum”

6. “I’ll Say Goodbye”

Upcoming Shows

July 7th, 2019 Gnarbeque Music and Arts Fest Woodlands Backayard Columbus,Ohio

July 12th, 2019 Wolves At The Gates Eclipse CD Release Show Columbus Athenum Columbus,Ohio

July 27th, 2019 Rockout Campout Chillicothe, Ohio

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