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Animals As Leaders Gets Metaphysical In New Single, Video; Re-Signs With Sumerian Records

Sept. 2 — Animals As Leaders premiered its first new music in five years this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Monomyth‘ and its companion video Thursday. The band’s new four-minute-plus single is a full-on instrumental track. Its musical arrangement presents its own trademark experimental math/prog metal approach while also lending comparison to works from the likes of TesseracT.

Band founder/guitarist Tosin Abasi, ina prepared statement, talked about the song and translated the message in the video’s presentation to the song’s message.

‘Monomyth’ is part fever dream, part ritual,” said Abasi. “Its imagery represents man’s ceaseless attempts to translate transcendent ideas into movement. The conflation of struggle with meaning. Pain with significance. The ultimate failure of distilling perceived patterns in the world into knowledge.”

The video translates the noted message in the song by having a group of men, bodies painted white, dance to the music. The dancers’ presentation can be considered to be interpretive in nature.

In other news, Animals As Leaders announced Thursday, it has re-signed with Sumerian Records. Details about the deal were not revealed, nor was information about the band’s next album.

More information on Animals As Leaders’ new single, video, and record deal is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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