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Braincell Debuts New Single, ‘Defensive Wounds,’ Companion Video

Jan. 28 — Independent metal band Braincell premiered its new single and video this week.

The band debuted its intense new single, ‘Defensive Wounds‘ and its even more powerful video Friday. The song is among the most unique new hard rock and metal singles released so far this year. That is due in part to its featured musical arrangement.

The song’s musical arrangement stands out because it blends elements of so many hard rock and metal genres within its body, and still manages to balance it all. Right from the song’s outset, audiences can hear influences of Slipknot and Devildriver. As the song progresses, Whitechapel’s influence becomes evident alongside touches of Ice Nine Kills, what with the use of the keyboards. These are so many varied influences, but they work so well together here.

The press release announcing the premiere of the song and its video did not mention the song’s lyrical theme. The lyrics provided with the song’s video seem to hint at perhaps a theme of dealing with the most extreme mental health concerns. That is, of course, just this critic’s interpretation and should not be taken as the only interpretation.

The song’s video is just as comparable to works from Ice Nine Kills as some of the song’s musical content. That is because it is presented like a horror story. The band is being chased by a psychotic killer in the forest, being taken down one by one. Meanwhile the band is shown performing its new single in a separate setting.

More information on Braincell’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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