UK metal outfit Broken Calling is back with brand new single “Ghosts” – a charismatic, dynamic and energetic track that sees the formation developing a rejuvenated and improved version of the combination of the members’ individual and collective musicianship. Creating a captivating blend of diversified vocal harmonies, intense screams, gritty guitars, a prominent rhythm section and an abundance of composing talent, “Ghosts” showcases the more aggressive nature of the group through the direct and hard-hitting composition and the genuine sincerity of the utilized lyrics, all further highlighted by the accompanying visualization, providing the perfect backdrop to enhance the deeper themes of the lyrical content.


Broken Calling collectively describes the group’s release further: “This is a song about overcoming adversity and expelling the negativity of your past. Taking control of your own destiny and finding your own path. No matter who you are or what you do. We have always, throughout our career, have championed being valued and irreplaceable, regardless of aspirations and ambition and have always had a message of hope and positivity, despite our music leaning towards the opposite. “Ghosts” is no different. We have come to terms with expelling the ghosts of our past and moving on, becoming new people ourselves and exploring our craft to develop our unique sound. And we want to spread that message to the world.”




About Ken Newman

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