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Catbamboo Release Infectious Instrumental Album Fervor

Catch Catbamboo on tour

AUSTIN, TX | January 28, 2022: Progressive fusion rock group Catbamboo celebrate the release of their highly anticipated full-length instrumental album Fervor, available on all DSPs today. The album embodies the upbeat chill vibes that make up jazz while incorporating the heavy emotions of metal guitar. You can catch Catbamboo on the road, tour dates listed below.

Originating from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and now relocated in Austin, TX, Catbamboo is an electric progressive/math rock instrumental project. Influenced by bands such as Thundercat, Hiatus Kaiyote, and Animals as Leaders, Catbamboo sets the next wave of the instrumental progressive movement. Started by the lead guitarist Ky Williams and multi-instrumentalist/producer Fran Garcia in 2017, they dominated their local scene and began to set the standard for the live show energy that many fans come to expect at a live Catbamboo performance. Followed by the joining of Collin Smith and Joel Turcotte in 2020, and Ausha Smyth in 2021, the band has taken their music to new lengths in creating their first full-length record Fervor.

Fervor Track Listing:

1. Swindle

2. Second Guess

3. Blackjack

4. Afflicted

5. Interlude

6. Jelly

7. Crave

8. Next

9. 50/50

10. Flee

2022 US Tour Dates

Get tickets and information HERE

1/29 Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th St.

1/31 Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theater

2/1 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Loading Dock

2/3 Sacramento, CA @ Goldfields Midtown


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