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COLDHARBOUR Release Debut Full-Length Record ‘Soul Tempest’

Cincinnati metalcore outlet COLDHARBOUR are proudly introducing their debut full-length album to the world today; ‘Soul Tempest’, released via Hollowed Records / Kontrolla Music Group. To accompany the arrival of the new record, Coldharbour are also premiering the video for the final single in their release cycle ‘It Spills Into The Aether’, which is also the final song in the track-listing, due to its summarizing nature.

As a new chapter is turned every New Years Day, it seems everyone becomes more divided on everything – except one thing. Everything is getting worst. The world is a bitter place when the middle class works nearly every waking moment of their lives to not be able to afford to live. We continually elect leaders to find resolve in these issues but can’t find any real help due to vested interests. With global climate change, inflation, an ongoing pandemic, and no real solutions in sight, these issues have spilled into our collective emotional wellbeing, painting a grim future for our generation. Touching on substance abuse, narcissism, violence and endless war, this song acts as a blood-covered signature to Coldharbour’s first LP.

‘Soul Tempest’ Tracklist:
Hivemind (ft. TJ Yates)
The Rhetorician
Overdose (ft. Hunter Borchardt
The Individual (ft. Damen Sparks
Stoned to Death
Stick Your Head in the Ground
Soul Tempest
It Spills Into the Aether
For Fans Of: Whitechapel, Born Of Osiris, Currents

More About The Band

Originating in Cincinnati, OH, Coldharbour is a 4-piece metalcore band. Originally the band started as a for-fun “serious” side project from some of the members from BROJOB. Since then, Coldharbour has taken its own melodic, yet devastatingly heavy form. Progressive roots in percussion and bass compliment the ambient guitar leads, coupled with ferocious rhythm guitar cadences. To match this orthodox energy comes booming gutturals, shrieky highs, and eruptive hardcore-rooted screaming, with a touch of haunting clean vocals to match.

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