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Counterpunch Tackles Religious Hypocrisy In New Single

April 12 — Surf punk band Counterpunch debuted its new single, ‘Rewire‘ this week.

The band premiered the song, which is the title track from the group’s forthcoming album — due out June 17 through Thousand Islands Records — Tuesday. The song’s musical arrangement delivers a solid, up-tempo punk presentation that interestingly enough, lends itself to comparison to some of the older works from Avenged Sevenfold at the same time. That in itself will make this song engaging and entertaining for many audiences.

The song’s lyrical theme is a cry against the hypocrisy of the pious, self-righteous masses who fill the pews one day (or more a week), thinking themselves so perfect, and who are so quick to cast the first stone.

The band talked about that matter in a prepared statement.

“‘Rewire’ tackles the double standard people of faith create by showing face in a place of worship once a week and then acting like a piece of human garbage elsewhere,” the statement reads. “They scream outrage over everything they don’t agree with as ‘against God’s way’ while ignoring the teachings of their faith. Every religion at its core is about loving your fellow man and reverence toward whatever ‘god’ you happen to believe in. Whether they choose to follow through on what they are taught, however, is another story.”

Pre-orders for Counterpunch’s new album open April 20. The album’s track listing is noted below.

‘Rewire’ Track Listing:

1 – Into the Flood (Intro)

2 – Avarice

3- Calling All Scars

4- Waiting in the Wings

5- Judgement Day

6- Collateral Damage

7- Rewire

8- The Pendulum

9- Vanity

10- What’s Left to Save

11- Wish You Were Here

12- Paradise Lost

More information about Counterpunch’s new single, video and record is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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