Dead Poet Society Debut Album Coda Releases Coda March 23rd, 2021

Josh Katz from Badflower says “CoDA made me fall in love with this band. I remember the first show we played together in Nashville, I begged them to play it during their sound check. They did, and literally everyone in the room stopped what they were doing to watch. I’m excited to see Dead Poet Society explode. It’s long overdue”

The track has already been streamed over 2 million times!

The four-piece formed while attending college in Boston and have already amassed a dedicated following with millions of streams. Insanely catchy and unable to be pigeonholed by genre, Dead Poet Society’s musical landscape runs from heavy, riff-driven songs to stunningly beautiful ballads. With fretless guitars and the extraordinary vocals of lead singer Jack Underkofler at the forefront, they have cultivated a signature sound that’s unique as a fingerprint.


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