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Dee Snider Band Members Form New Band; Premiere New Single, Video

Sept. 3 — Independent rock band Bomber Alley premiered its debut single and video last month.

The band — Talon Blaque (vocals), Nick Petrino (guitar), Russel Pzutto (bass), and Nicky Bellmore (drums) — premiered its debut single, ‘We Get By‘ and its companion lyric video Aug. 21. The single released through Mindsnap Music (on behalf of Von Artists, LTD.).

The musical arrangement featured in in ‘We Get By’ is a pure, guitar-driven work that throws back to the sounds made so famous by the likes of Guns ‘N Roses, Motley Crue, and Dee Snider. The Snider comparison should come as no surprise since three members of Bomber Alley are themselves members of Dee Snider’s solo band.

The press release announcing the premiere of Bomber Alley’s new single and lyric video provided no information about the song’s lyrical theme. However the lyrics presented in the lyric video point toward a theme of determination and getting past the things that we use to hold ourselves back. That is just this critic’s own interpretation and should not be taken as the only interpretation.

Speaking of the song’s lyric video, the video features the song’s lyrics over a variety of images, such as a guitar, a skull with a bullet in its mouth (taking the phrase “bite the bullet” literally) and other imagery.

In other news, the noted press release announced Bomber Alley is planning the release of its debut EP in 2022 through Mindsnap Music via Von Artist/The Orchard/Sony.. Its track listing and exact release date are under consideration.

More information on Bomber Alley’s new single and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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