DevilDriver with Jinjer and RavenBlack+Review-11-10-18-Columbus,Ohio-Alrosa Villa

On a Cold November Night in Columbus Ohio Devildriver came to town with RavenBlack, Jinjer and Opening support Arose The Titan, Sourblood and Samaara Ohio.
The 3 Supports warmed the crowd up for Raven Black and Jinjer before Devildriver went on at Alrosa Villa on November 10th, 2018.
Once RavenBlack came on to the stage in a thick cloud of haze and burned down the stage and her props including a Umbrella, Spike Balls got the crowd entertained.
Then when Jinjer Came on they set the roof on fire and was by far a really great direct support with Tatiana”s growling and screaming Voice.
The crowd started to Crowd Surf and go crazy before even Devildriver hit the stage and create a mosh pit.
The Ukrainian metal they played shocked and awed the crowd and deserve a Headline Tour in the Future no doubt.
Devildriver literally burned Alrosa Villa down with non stop moshing and crowd surfers.
They owned the stage tonight and by far a really great heavy metal band in 2018.



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