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One of the hardest bands to debut this year, Falsifier have released their  devastating new E.P. ‘Life In Death’ completely free on Artery Recordings, The album can be downloaded free of charge. (http://smarturl.it/34gamm)

Beginning in the Winter of 2013 Falsifier took the Canadian metal scene by storm releasing their first self-titled EP and a music video for their single  ‘86.’ Within that year they spent months playing shows anywhere they were welcomed and by the next Winter, they were touring with Canadian downtempo juggernauts ‘Continent’.

Falsifier came out strong in 2014 with the release of their Charles Manson inspired single ‘Malevolent’, they shortly thereafter released another single  ‘I Am Death’ off of their sophomore EP Life In Death and have been touring and playing anywhere they can since.

Falsifier has been crowned the kings of heavy in Canada and have garnered international attention for their hard-hitting, ruthlessly aggressive music. They have no plans to stop and change what you ever thought heavy music ever was.


How did you form your Band/Artist Name?
We were all really big fans of Villains’ Extortion EP when we started the band. They had a song called Falsifier on it and we all thought it was a cool word. That’s it really, nothing that exciting haha. 
How long have you all known each other?
We’ve all known each other for varying lengths of time. Matt, Collin, and Jordan knew each other way back when they were in other bands. Matt and I (Aiden) met around 3 years ago when we started the band and all of us met Alex about a year and a half ago. 
At what age did you decide you wanted to be a musician?
When I was about 8 or 9 years old I used to talk with my friends about starting a band and what roles we would have even though none of us played instruments yet. About a year or 2 later I got my first guitar and never looked back. 
Most Funniest Thing that happened on stage or Backstage or while on the way to a venue?
There are so many funny moments that come to mind but the one that will always stick out is on our last tour we stopped at a mall in Saratoga, New York and rode around for about an hour on these little motorized plush animals. We got so many weird looks but it was honestly one of the most fun parts of the entire tour. 
Yes, we’re all mentally 10 years old. 
Who are each of your musical influences_ each (Band Member or Artist).
We’re all inspired by different types of music whether it’s pop punk, hardcore, or any of the million sub genres of metal. Also we all really love The Acacia Strain. 
What are your rehearsals generally like?
Few and far between considering we all live far apart but when they do happen I’d say they’re full of shenanigans but overall pretty productive. We may be the “class clown” type but we take our music very seriously. 
Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?
Absolutely. Without a solid online presence we wouldn’t have been able to reach most of the places our music has. 
What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?
I think it’s great. It gives people no excuse to not check out your music. If it’s free, it’s just a click away. We have our latest EP “Life In Death” online for free right now through Artery Recordings to push it to markets that may not have heard it yet and as a taste of what’s to come from us this year. 
Since everyone was a start-up once, can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?
Keep pushing. Fuck a plan b. This is what we’ve always wanted to do and we will never stop striving to be the band we all dream of being. 
Tell us about your current Sponsors?
We currently don’t have any sponsorships, but if anyone’s interested you can contact us at falsifiercontact@gmail.com
What has been your biggest challenge as a band or Artist.
As I kinda mentioned before we all live pretty far away from each other which makes getting together a little difficult and sometimes expensive. But we don’t let that stand in our way. We do everything we can to keep in contact with each other almost every day and get together as much as possible. 
Are you currently on tour or have any shows lines up?
Unfortunately, we are not on tour at the moment but we’ve got some things in the works for before summer is over. 
What  Festival’s and Tours have you performed on?
Some tours we’ve done are; The Pumpkin Spice Lattour with Continent, our solo cross-Canada run, The Life In Death Tour with Beyond Deviation and Allies to the Adversary, and the True Initiative Tour with Filth, Sabella and Reign. 
We would absolutely love to work with Will Putney. 
How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
All our songs are available right now for free via Artery Recordings  (http://smarturl.it/34gammas well as YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes. 
Any last words?
We’re always working on the next big step so be on the lookout for new tunes and new tours very soon! 

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