Alternative rock quartet Far’N’Hate launches the group’s brand new single with the emotionally driven and dynamically structured “Change”, featuring Mike Perez of No Bragging Rights (after the critically acclaimed and vigorous “Prison Of Self”)– a track, which clearly resembles the formation’s undeniable talent to design and perform complex, yet memorable and comprehensive music with its own character and essence. With its myriad of influences, “Change” is a refreshing, imaginative creative enterprise at its finest, considering the involved contemporary production styles, compelling lyrical content and eclectic instrumental ideas that distance themselves from what’s typical of the generic perceptions when it comes to the alternative genre.


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Explaining the nature of the track and its influences, Far’N’Hate collectively adds: “This is a message to the present and to the future. An epitaph to future generations for the mistakes they will have to pay for us and a call to action for those who still have the strength not to give up and fight to change things for the better. With this track, we wanted to explore a more melodic songwriting, while keeping contrast with aggressive parts, as well as a greater depth and complexity of ambience and electronic elements that embrace the song in a colder and more distant aura, intrinsic to the digital and technological aesthetics. It’s been a huge honor to have Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights joining us for this song as well. We talked about it a long time ago and wrote this song with his voice in mind. He did a brilliant performance, pushing the boundaries of the song with his unique style.

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