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Feral Vices Debuts New EP’s Lead Single, Companion Video

Oct. 8 — Independent rock band Feral Vices is giving audiences the first preview of its new record.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Mass Produce Your Revolution‘ and its video Thursday. The song and video are the first from the duo’s forthcoming EP, With Offerings. The EP is scheduled for release Dec. 3.

The musical arrangement featured in the song is a catchy, mid-tempo composition. The fuzz from the guitar and the thickness of the drums pairs with the vocals all work together to make the song comparable to works from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, and Jet.

The lyrical theme featured alongside the song’s musical arrangement is a sociopolitical statement that will resonate with audiences. That is thanks to its delivery and to the musical arrangement, which itself will keep listeners engaged and entertained.

Guitarist/vocalist Alexander Hoagland talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“The song is about how we give these massive platforms to people who really don’t actually know all that much of what they’re talking about,” said Hoagland. “It’s buzzwords in a nice package so we just consume it. The second part of the song is about how these ultra-rich business people or specifically celebrities are throwing their pocket change into something just for the press and getting even more money out of it than they put in and it all becomes this vicious cycle that we all participate in.”

The song’s video is a relatively simple artistic presentation. It features Hoagland and band mate, drummer Justin Cottner, in a studio setting, shot in black and white. various mix effects are used to show the duo performing together and in boxes that are presented throughout the video.

Hoagland talked about the video in the noted statement.

“The goal of the video was to really invoke the feeling of the rock and hardcore videos of the early 2000’s that were super influential for us and the director, James Wightman,” said Hoagland. “We wanted something that matched the frantic energy of the song and also had a visual aesthetic that was as eye catching as the song was sonically.”

More information on Feral Vices’ new single, video, and EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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