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Five Hundred Bucks Releases New Album, ‘$500’; Debuts ‘Follicles’ Video

April 29 — Independent punk rock band Five Hundred Bucks debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band premiered the video for its new single, ‘Follicles’ Friday through New Noise magazine. The single is featured in the band’s brand new album, $500. The single is the album’s fourth behind, ‘Animal,’ ‘Spinal,’ and ‘S*** Shaped Heart.’ The entire album is available to stream and download here.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Follicles’ is a sort of neo-folk-meets pop punk/rock style composition. The first comparison that comes to mind in listening to the song is to some of Pearl Jam’s songs.

Front man Jeff Riddle said the song’s lyrical theme is a deeply contemplative rumination about his parents.

“It’s about my parents and their shortcomings as a mother and father,” Riddle said. “It’s about growing older and having perspective on the situation and realizing who they were and what they were going through and despite my best efforts to separate myself from them at an early age and not want to be like them, fighting some of the same battles that they fought — depression, anxiety, addiction etc.”

The video for the new single is a unique presentation that involves an alien and a man befriending one another. It should be noted that there is a very direct drug reference in the video, so viewer discretion is advised.

“The video is a narrative driven video about a lonely person who lives in rural America and a UFO crashes and he finds this dead alien.,” Riddle said of the video’s treatment. “He brings it inside and cleans it up and develops an attachment and friendship with it and it’s the closest he’s ever felt to being accepted by anyone. We didn’t make the video as a direct correlation to the song, but it has a lot of thematic parallels.”

In other news, Five Hundred Bucks is scheduled to launch a tour in support of its new album May 4 in Richmond, VA. The band’s tour schedule is noted below.

Upcoming Shows:

Richmond, VA 5/4 @ Hot For Pizza

with Bashful and Dead Format

Charlotte, NC 5/5 @ Spoke Easy

with Paint Fumes, Comino, ACNE, and Dipstick

Atlanta, GA 5/6 @ The Earl

with Reconciler, New Junk City, and The Howdymen

Gainesville, FL 5/7 @ Loosey’s

with Reconciler, New Junk City, and The Howdymen

Pittsburgh, PA 5/14 @ Polish Hills Tennis Court

with Big Baby, Lizard Academy, Go. No. Go

Philadelphia, PA 7/19 @ Silk City

with Signals Midwest and Downhaul

More information on Five Hundred Bucks’ upcoming tour, its new album and single is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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