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‘Quantum Leap’ Is A Largely Successful New Offering From Gus G.

Firewind founder and guitarist Gus G. is quoted from a recent interview as saying of his new album, Quantum Leap, that he “didn’t make it with the intention of it being the next one in the cycle of solo albums.  It was more of a case of, ‘What else is there?’ …

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Helion Prime’s ‘Question Everything’ Re-Issue Builds On The Success Of Its Predecessor

A little more than a year after the release of its album, Question Everything, Helion Prime has re-visited that album with a re-issue of the record.  Released Oct. 8, the album’s re-issue is highlighted by its bonus content.  The album’s bonus content consists of seven songs that did not make the …

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‘A View From The Top Of The World’ Finds Dream Theater At The Top Of Its Game

Dream Theater is among the most well-known and respected acts in the progressive music community.  The band has spent almost four decades building that reputation, releasing 14 albums, one EP, nine live recordings and thousands upon thousands of miles of touring around the world.  Now Friday, the band will continue …

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