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HARMED Release Speechless/Deaf Music Video

There’s no easy way to summarize the band’s sound, but here’s an attempt: the record is aggressive, energetic, fun to jam and makes you want to bounce off the walls while head-banging with the volume maxed out. You can get a taste of what you’re in for with their latest music video forSpeechless/Deaf, or you can embark on your own journey and jump straight into the EP but either way, you won’t be disappointed. If you find yourself starving for more when the EP is done then don’t worry, as the band is already hard at work on a new album in between selling out debut shows, touring, and opening for bands such as Jinjer (Napalm Records). 

HARMED also had some insight to share about their debut EP: “We’ve spent a little bit more than a year to create the first chapter of our story. From Day One is here to shed light on the dark side of any human being. This is about me, you and all of us. We are all Harmed From Day One!”

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More about the Band,

Who are you when no one is watching? We all have a side to us that no one knows about: an evil twin that lives inside us, a dark passenger so to speak.

HARMED was formed earlier this year in Budapest with the goal of shining light on the evil within us all. Motivated to  create dark, heavy, and captivating music, their purpose is to introduce their devastating lyrical narrative that is part realist and part subjective to a wide audience. 

After months of hard work, HARMED completed their first album From Day One, which will be available worldwide 12/15 through Famined Records. 


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