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Joker’s Hand Takes On Societal Standard In New Single, Video

Nov. 12 — Independent rock band Joker’s Hand is taking on a major social more in its latest single and video.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Goth Girlfriend‘ Tuesday, along with the song’s companion video. The premiere comes approximately six months after the premiere of the band’s then latest single, ‘War Profiteer.’ The duo premiered that socially conscious song in May through New Noise magazine.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Goth Girlfriend’ is a catchy, pop punk style composition. The song’s hooks and choruses will find themselves getting stuck in audiences’ minds with ease along the way.

The song’s lyrical theme takes on society’s view of what is still considered a very taboo topic, according to a statement from the band.

“Goth Girlfriend is the ultimate middle finger to what we were constantly told growing up: ‘Sex is bad,’” the statement reads.  “Watch as Joker’s Hand embraces their dark side in this sex-positive tale of repressed lust and desire.”

Front man Kevin Kawano expanded on that statement with his own explanation.

“I grew up in a conservative household where I wasn’t allowed to get tattoos, and talk of sex was forbidden,” he said. “But deep down inside I always knew my heart craved darkness, so I got me a goth girlfriend.”

The song’s video seems to somewhat outline Kawano’s relationship with that goth girlfriend as he takes on the somewhat BDSM lifestyle with that young woman. This all while the band is featured performing its new single throughout the video.

More information on Joker’s Hand’s latest single is available along with all of the act’s latest news at:





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