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Joyous Wolf – PLACE IN TIME EP Review

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What if Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, John Fogerty and Rich Robinson conspired to create a vocalist with all their best elements? Enter Nick Reese, Singer of the band JOYOUS WOLF. From the start of the new album on Roadrunner Records A PLACE IN TIME Nick displays out of the gate his range of emotions and styles.

The band plays the part of the perfect canvas for the kind of vocal painting the Reese has in his arsenal; a kind of 70’s vibe with a madman’s approach. Back to the roots of rock and roll with a simple guitar, bass and drums and a front man who MIGHT do anything at any time.

The single “Quiet Heart” is upbeat and harkens back to the days of thought out songwriting, followed by a super tight performance captured to tape.

“Said Too Much” is a funky jam that really gets you moving. The drums and bass by Robert Sodaro and Greg Braccio respectively come together here with a very tight groove, and the guitar from Blake Allard on top keeps you on the edge waiting for the next climax which seems to continually be maintained until the solo finally sets it off. The solo sounds very Hendrix inspired and tastefully executed. It’s a pleasure to hear these sounds in 2019.

The 2nd single and album namesake “Place In Time” quickly sets a mood of reckless abandon and doing whatever you want to do. As with the previous songs , there is no shortage of all out groove. It sounds like a completely original throwback to the 70’s bands like Led Zeppelin and cream without sounding like a tribute band. The fat guitar harmonies take you into a saucy solo that will have you playing air guitar like a pro in no time! “Live how you want to live” is the proclaimed mantra reese puts out there.

“Feel The Low” takes the tempo back and strips back to basics even more. Just when you thought you had Joyous Wolf figured out, they come in with another core competency; lower tempo, melody driven rock ballads. It sounds like many decades of styles melded into one. This will likely be a hit single. Allard plays all the right notes over the groove laden rhythm section. I personally love this song.

“Mother rebel” comes back in with a driving slide-guitar driven guitar. Braccio weaves his bass lines around Sodaro’s beats with an awesome groove. The band has established that they can rock the house. Singer Reese shows an original vocal style and attitude in his lyrics that pull me in and I suspect will pull many in. This may be the new SUPERSTAR frontman we have been waiting for!

“Undesired” comes in with mega energy and calls you to action, and once they have our attention the ride begins; Mid tempo and mega-groove into an anthemic chorus with the signature JOYOUS WOLF sound.



PLACE IN TIME brings us back to a time where music was life. We’ve all had that place in time in our lives. Joyous Wolf have captured many places in time and delivered them to us on a platter. If you love groove driven rock with traces of Pearl Jam, The Black Crowes and a new original sound on top of that, PLACE IN TIME is for you.

4.5 Stars



Released 4-19-2019


Here is the lead single


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Click for Pics we took of Joyous Wolf  in March 2019 on tour with Buckcherry



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