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Kulick Debuts ‘The People I Know (Don’t Like Me)’ Video

May 2 — Alt-rock/pop punk artist Kulick opened the new week with the video for his latest single.

Kulick (a.k.a. Jacob Kulick) premiered the video for his new single, ‘The People I Know (Don’t Like Me)’ Monday. The song is the third from his latest recording, Everyone I Know Will Die. The album has also produced its title track,  ‘Everyone I Know Will Die‘ and its video as a single, as well as ‘Time To Go,‘ and its video.

The song’s musical arrangement serves as its foundation.  Where the musical arrangement in the album’s title track was more alt-rock in its sound and stylistic approach, this song is much more defined in its pop punk approach.  Audiences can hear influence from the likes of Jimmy Eat World here.  That is due to the harmonies in the song’s instrumentation and in the vocals.  The song barely tops the two-and-a-half minute mark, but in that time, it will leave audiences feeling fulfilled.

The lyrical theme featured in the new single is clear cut, as Kulick pointed out in a prepared statement.

“This song is about growing up around people you don’t fit in with,” he said. “I felt like a was dropped in my hometown from some place in California, and I was looked at as if I was from another planet. I didn’t really respect what a lot of people were doing (or really not doing) with their lives, and I was being pushed down for having aspirations.”

The video for the new single echoes Kulick’s statement. That is because it features him singing to the song in various spots in a high school yearbook and in various other points in his youth.

Everyone I Know Will Die is available now through ENCI Records. More information on Kulick’s new album and single is available along with of all his latest news at:




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