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LA Rapper Charles X releases “Prozac” on HipHopDX – EID2 Out 2019

“I am your friendly neighbourhood Charles X.

Hood enough for your daughter, but classy enough to take home to your mother.

I want to help bring heart and soul back to music and the world, and I want people to dance while it’s happening.

I want them to feel and understand it’s not an angle at all. I want to be like ET and I want the world to be Elliot.”

Charles X is tearing back onto the US scene with his new single “ Prozac”, premiering onHipHopDX today. The rapper and jokingly self-proclaimed “bad guitar and bad piano” player has spent the last three years igniting on the international stage, releasing three full-length albums, Revolution and the Day After (2015), Sounds of the Yesteryear (2016), and Peace (2017), and writing more material for release in 2019. “Prozac” runs a pounding beat into the frenetic flow and feverish tempo of X’s lyrics, making a stampeding entrance for the first single off his upcoming record EID2, out early 2019.

Charles X “Prozac”
Known for his showmanship and soulful style, the Los Angeles native has furthered his international notoriety with a fourth European/Indian Ocean tour (New Morning in Paris (sold out), Palaxa in La Reunion, Rocher de Palmer in Bordeaux, Homecoming Events in Johannesburg, Mauritius, O2 Forum in London..etc) and is now ready to make his footprint in the world by captivating his crowd and always leaving them wanting more.

Charles X has mastered a massive spectrum of the genre with songs like the warm, soul inspired “ Can You Do It” and the volatile, but commanding “ Soul Power”. Boasting a vibrant display of neon-noir 80’s pizza vibes, Charles X also released the smoke-filled video for his single “ BLOWN” via Rap Nation appropriately on 4.20 this year:

Influenced by Motown, Prince and The Roots, Charles X’s music blends pop, hip hop, jazz, soul, and rock, cleverly adopting genres with continuous creativity. His writing alternates sharp phrasing and luminous melodic arrangements, creating music that is concise and effective, garnering over 2 million streams across his catalogue on Spotify.

Charles X is available for interview.
EID2 is out early 2019 via Ambiguous Music Group. 

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