LA Rockers FYKE Chat About New Music Video “Awake” – Interview

The Los Angeles rockers FYKE recently released the official music video for “Awake” off of their brand new LP Nightmares DeluxeThe group consisting of Enik LinSteven DeLmanJustin WrightMikee Fabella, and Gerard Christian stormed out of the gates with an unapologetic sound and a passion for spreading positivity and social issue awareness. I had a chance to chat with the guys about the new release as well as some other neat things regarding the band.



 For those of who do not know who FYKE is, give us a little bit of a background.

FYKE: Hey everyone! This is Enik, Mikee, Steven, Justin, and Gerard from the band FYKE. We’re based out of Los Angeles, CA and we just released our first full-length album Nightmares Deluxe on Universal Music International.

The name and the spelling of Fyke is pretty unique in its own right, how did you guys go about choosing the group’s name?

Enik: A “Fyke” is a large net used to catch masses of fish. We named the band “Fyke” because we wanted to capture as many people as we could with our music.

Back in April, you guys dropped the official music video for your new single “Awake” off of your album Nightmares Deluxe, the video had a unique abstract-esq style to it, what went into the creative planning behind it?

Mikee: We got to work with my favorite director Brad Wong. He was the mastermind behind it all. It really showed how chaotic the music industry can be. And how so many things actually happen “behind the scenes” of someone trying to pursue their dreams.

You guys mentioned that “Awake” is a track that depicts the society we live in today has a misconstrued version of self-worth.. Would you care to elaborate on that and how your band views that in everyday life?

Enik: “Awake” is about the pursuit of our dreams and the hardships that come along with it’s pursuit. All of us within the band have been doing music our entire lives. It’s definitely had its fair share of trials from failed relationships, unstable finances, sleep deprivation, & insane amounts of stress, to name a few. But perhaps one of the greatest awakening moments of our pursuit is the shift in purpose and re-definition of success along our journey. Most of us choose to pursue a career in music because we dream of becoming “famous rockstars” living lavish rockstar lives. But in our personal journey, everything changed for us when we no longer cared about the fame, glory, and notoriety. Our ideals of success are different for this band. We wanted to spread a message of hope and change lives. We wanted to talk about social issues that need more attention such as depression, mental health, suicide, sexual abuse, and racism. In that sense, the goals of this band have been our “Awakening”.

Any plans for any major tours? Any artists you’d love to tour with?

Mikee: Yes! We’re planning some things right now as we speak! I would love to go on the road with Underoath or Linkin Park.

What has been one of the most memorable moments you guys have had as a band so far in your career?

Mikee: My most memorable moment would have to be our last show in Los Angeles. We were playing our song “Vices” and when the first chorus hit, I could hear the crowd singing and I immediately got the chills!

What are the next plans for FYKE? Any new music or new adventures on the horizon?

Mikee: We’re working on some new music right now! So stay tuned 🙂

A huge shout out to Mikee Fabella and Enik Lin for taking the time to chat with me! Make sure you check out the new video for “Awake” and pick up your own copy of Nightmares Deluxe available NOW on all major platforms!


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