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LestWeForget Addresses Human Ego, Complacency In New Single, Video

Dec. 6 — Independent progressive metal act LestWeForget premiered its latest single and video over the weekend.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Sleepwalking‘ and its companion video Friday. The band’s new single is interesting in that it does present some progressive metal leanings, it also boasts some metalcore sounds, too. The pairing of those elements lends the whole to comparison to works from the likes of Arch Echo and to a lesser extent, Altostratus.

The band addressed the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“The premise of ‘Sleepwalking’ was born out of frustration more than anything,” the statement reads. “With so many problems facing us in modern life that have been predicted for years, it often feels like we’ve all passively embraced them as a sleepwalker wandering with little conscious thought. The bridge references the tale of Icarus, whose ego led to a spectacular downfall, a story that nicely mirrors the wider theme of the lyrics.”

The statement continues, “As a standalone single that we tried to keep ‘single-length’, we felt it would be right to venture outside of our usual story-driven, narrative lyrical format and attempt something new. This song was also written at a time when we were unable to meet up during various lockdowns, so it has some conceptual relevance in that respect too! We hope you enjoy it.”

The video for ‘Sleepwalking’ is a straight forward presentation. It features the band performing its new single on a darkened sound stage as the song plays over the visualization.

More information on LestWeForget’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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