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Lord of the Lost – Thornstar – Album Review

Hey there Mayhemers… I am back with another album review. This one, in particular, is a long-anticipated release for me and I am absolutely excited to share my opinions on it, so let us get this ball rolling! If anyone knows me, knows that I am a huge lover of German Industrial/Dark Rock and this band is no different. Let me introduce you to Lord of the Lost from Hamburg, Germany.

Lord of the Lost recently dropped their latest album Thornstar earlier this month and it has quite a story behind it. The album itself is considered a “story album”. What is this you ask, well a “story album” is an album that has a clear and concise story behind it whether it is fictional or fact. Thornstar is centered around the story of the lost ancient civilization of the Pangaeians. The group even went as far as developing characters or gods/deities that are from the lost civilization including an incredible backstory as well.  From Haythor to Morgana they made Thornstar truly one of the most immersive “story albums” I have heard to date.

One of the best things about this album as a whole is that it is more listener-friendly than previous albums from the group. By that, I mean that more people will be acceptant of the genre and be willing to listen to it. The album also features more electronic and string elements than previous albums that have been released outside of their Swan Songs series.

The album starts out with “On This Rock I Will Build My Church” which is probably the most addictive track on the entire album. It is one of the few tracks that LoL has released that is truly boundary-breaking. This is a track that I could honestly hear on radio stations around the world. Probably the neatest thing is the video that accompanies it. They include a group of youngsters that pose as the band, the lead youngster happens to be lead singer Chris Harm’s son. Talk about CUTE!

Some of the other stand-out tracks include “Lorely”, “Morgana” and “Haythor”. Out of those tracks, the one that really speaks to me is “Haythor” which is a song about the ‘Goddess of the Void’. To me, it goes beyond just talking about a fictional character, it talks about putting in someone’s best effort and things just not going their way in the end. So its a darker version of a failure I guess you could say. It is kind of hard to explain but if you listen to it you’ll get it.

“In Our Hands” has an interesting vibe to it. Now hear me out on this, it has some 80’s elements in it but at the same time, it has some solid pop elements in it as well. This is another one that would be a great track for someone who is just introducing themselves to the band. Fun fact, when you listen to the album, you can hear different elements that range from HIM to Lady Gaga.

My favorite track and I mean on-repeat favorite track, is “Forevermore.” It is a straight song of determination with lyrics, “We survived so many fights. We were led astray and yet, we’re still alive. No deadlock we can’t break” it pumps you up and gets you excited. This song could honestly stand on its own away from the elaborate backstory.

The last song on the album that really caught my attention was “Cut Me Out.” It is an emotionally charged song that really comes across as a plea for forgiveness for doing something wrong. As plain English as that is, it is really what the song is about. The lyrics really come at you with insane relatability. Think of how you felt when you went through the most traumatic break up of your life. That is how you explain the feeling that this song throws at you.

Really every track on Thornstar is special in its own right. There are so many good moments on this album that I could just go on and on about. The point is… go get this thing and listen to it. It is a fantastic work of art from the Lord of the Lost guys and it doesn’t hurt that they self-produced it as well! You can snag Thornstar from Napalm USA or any major digital outlet such as iTunes, Amazon or GooglePlay.

Thornstar Tracklist:
CD 1:
1. On This Rock I Will Build My Church
2. Loreley
3. Black Halo
4. In Our Hands
5. Morgana
6. Haythor
7. Naxxar
8. Cut Me Out
9. The Mortarian
10. Under The Sun
11. In Darkness, In Light
12. Forevermore
13. Ruins

CD 2:
1. Abracadabra (feat. Dero Goi / OOMPH!)
2. Voodoo Doll
3. The Art Of Love
4. Lily Of The Vale
5. Penta
6. Free Radicals
7. Live Pray Die Repeat


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