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Master Boot Record Premieres New Album’s Second Single

April 7 — Victor Love, the mastermind behind the musical project that is Master Boot Record, is giving audiences another preview of the project’s new album.

Love premiered his new single, ‘80836‘ Thursday.’ The song is the second single from Master Boot Record’s forthcoming album, Personal Computer, which is scheduled for release May 13 through Metal Blade Records. Love debuted the album’s lead single, ‘80486DX‘ last month.

Love talked about the musical arrangement featured in the new single, saying the song is a hybrid type composition.

“In the new single “80386,” the melody of NWOBHM and the energy of bay area thrash metal are glued together by a demoscene and crack scene soul with added up neo classical influences,” he said.

The thrash elements are especially prominent in the song’s breakdown. That moment is a heavy, intense presence whereas the song’s main body does so well to present the noted demoscene influence. The whole of the arrangement is completely unlike that featured in the album’s lead single and just as engaging and entertaining in its own right.

Personal Computer will release on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below along with the album’s track listing.

PERSONAL COMPUTER will be available on all digital streaming platforms, CD, and double gatefold LP in the following variants:
-180g black
-bloody red marble – limited to 300 copies (EU Exclusive)
-grey marble – limited to 200 copies (EU Exclusive)
-purple marble (US Exclusive)
-lime marble (US Exclusive)

1. 8086 – 5:05
2. 80186 – 8:53
3. 80286 – 5:46
4. 80386 – 6:30
5. 80386SX – 6:28
6. 80486 – 5:08
7. 80486DX – 4:32
8. 80486SX – 7:14
9. 80586 – 7:16
10. 80686 – 7:29

More information on the album is available online along with all of Master Boot Record’s latest news at:




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