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Metal singer and fiancé create viral WHATABURGER emo photoshoot on their pre-pandemic wedding date.

TEMPLE, TX — The pandemic has stopped a lot of things this year. The one thing it could not stop is this metal singer and his fiancé from expressing their love for one another… and love of their favorite burger joint. Danny Martinez is the lead singer of the metal band Everyone Dies in Utah. As with almost everything else this year, the pandemic has caused a lot of events to reschedule. This includes Danny and his fiancé Alex’s wedding. So what did they do? They decided to make the best of it and have a fun way to remember their pre-pandemic wedding date. Danny Martinez, 30, and Alexz Siprian, 29, decided to have a fun photoshoot a restaurant that they both love very much on and off tours: Whataburger.

“Whataburger is one of my favorite places to eat, I miss it so much while on tour. Since Covid has not only stopped tours and many events, we thought this would be a fun photoshoot to celebrate our wedding. We never thought it would go viral and even lead to Whataburger Corporate reaching out to us and our photoshoot being shared all over news outlets.” -Danny Martinez

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For their “sad-lebration” shoot, the two dressed in black and channeled their emo side to give off the funeral theme aesthetic, Siprian said.

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“Whataburger was our comfort food that day,” Siprian said. “We sure ate our feelings away. But jokes aside, Now we have memories on a day that was supposed to be a special day for us.”

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About Everyone Dies in Utah:

Everyone Dies in Utah is an American metal band from Temple, Texas. Formed in 2008 by Danny Martinez. The name of the band began as a joke, but stuck with them as time went on. It derives from the fact that the death rate in Utah was at one time higher than any other state. Everyone Dies In Utah consists of Danny Martinez (Lead Vocals), Nathan Chase-Meadows (Drums), Daniel Tharp (Bass), Brett Wasson (Guitar) and Ruben Tirado (guitar).

Everyone Dies In Utah has attracted a loyal fan base from their self-released EP (“I Hope You Know This Means War”), four full length albums (“Seeing Clearly”, “Polarities”, “Neutral Ground” and their InVogue Records debut self-titled album). The band takes pride in being accessible to their fans and, in turn, tour extensively so they can create deeper connections with their audience. They’ve shared the stage and tour with well-known names like Memphis May Fire, The Color Morale, Affiance, Sirens and Sailors, Alesana, and Suicide Silence.

The band just released their latest single Passenger // Pt 2. and it is the first of a 5 part series of songs that will be telling a story about a person’s inner battle within his mind. Passenger//Pt 2 is about the protagonist accepting the demon in his mind and letting it take over his life.


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