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PANICWOLF “Paralyze” EP Out August 24th via Pale Chord Music

Independent Atlanta Hardcore group PANICWOLF is sonically opening new doors inside the hardcore community. As a group five years in the making, they have been sidelined time after time for the sake of other projects. The up and coming EP “Paralyze” will shine light on songs that were composed more than 4 years ago in various different locations and settings. After years of give and take, the band took time in June of 2017 to finalize the recordings in Jacksonville, Florida with producers Lee Rouse and Joshua Landry. The EP was finally mixed and mastered by Lee at Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of 2017. 

Vocalist Luke Stevens and Drummer/Vocalist Colin Bennett embody the inner “Yin and Yang” of the PANICWOLF persona by portraying the dramatic chemical dichotomy between heartfelt angst and uneasy but uplifting emotions. Guitarist Patrick Lowry and Bassist Sean Emmetts reinforce the power behind what is PANICWOLF with gut wrenching riffs and heavy groove basslines. They all have reflected on what it means to endure, and overcome personal conflict, showcased in the band’s debut single “Misery”. With the release of debut EP “Paralyze” soon to follow, PANICWOLF will be one to watch in 2018. 



“When we were writing ‘Paralyze’ the songs came naturally and presented themselves to us in a sense. We weren’t on a time crunch and to be honest, we had no idea that these songs would ever even see the light of day.” quoting Guitarist Patrick Lowry, “It was always just an easy outlet for us to express whatever emotion we had pent up at the time because at the end of the day, it didn’t matter — All we wanted was an outing.”

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