Remo Drive have released their Epitaph Records debut, a three-track EP titled Pop Music. Throughout the EP, the Minnesota emo band bring both sardonic humor and unadulterated honesty to their frenetic, melodic sound.

Today also marks the premiere of the video for “Blue Ribbon,” the opening cut from Pop Music. In the video, Remo Drive set out on a treasure hunt that turns into a rescue mission complete with exploding super-villains.


In addition to being sold digitally, Pop Music will be available for purchase as a seven-inch on Remo Drive’s current tour (as well as in the band’s web store).


1. Blue Ribbon

2. Song of the Summer

3. Heartstrings

Remo Drive consists of brothers Erik (age 20) and Stephen Paulson (age 22), who formed the band in high school in 2013. Initially inspired by “older kids who smoked weed and listened to Title Fight,” the duo soon introduced elements of ’90s grunge and classic rock, infusing their dynamic sound with an undeniable sense of fun.

“We try to do things with a lot of energy and gusto,” Erik says. “I think people can tell that we care a lot. I think our best quality is that we care.”

Epitaph recently reissued Remo Drive’s full-length debut, Greatest Hits. Originally self-released in 2017, the long-sold-out album is now available to purchase on CD and vinyl.


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