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Post Profit Debuts New Album’s Latest single, Video; Announces New Live Dates

Jan. 14 — Independent rock band Post Profit is scheduled to release its new album next month.

The band is scheduled to release its new album, When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong Feb. 25 through Tulip Lane Records and MVK Music Group. In anticipation of the album’s release, the band debuted its latest single this week along with the song’s companion video.

Post Profit debuted its new single, ‘We’re All Monsters‘ and its video Wednesday. The song is the fifth single from the album behind ‘Haunt Me,’ ‘When You Think It’s Right,’ ‘Better Off‘ and ‘Same Sad Song.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘We’re All Monsters’ is a clear contrast to the album’s other singles. Where the other singles are dark, brooding compositions, this song is a more upbeat work. It presents a familiar garage/stoner style approach and sound that is easily comparable to works from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age.

The song’s lyrical theme is just as accessible as its musical arrangement. The band talked about that theme in a prepared statement.

This song was written about a universal concept: that we as humans are not perfect,” the statement reads. “We make mistakes, and we hurt each other. Most of us have a closet full of skeletons, so to speak. When something bad happens to us, we often look for somewhere to place the blame. For most of us, that’s much easier than accepting our faults.”

“This song begs one question of humanity – how can we be better people?,” the statement continues. “In a world where it seems everyone is only out for themselves, sometimes it’s difficult to see where humility and civility should fit in. We want people to understand that it’s okay to accept your faults, make changes, and not let your faults define you.”

The video for ‘We’re All Monsters’ is an artistic presentation. It features the band performing in a studio setting. Special video effects are used to give the video a unique touch to heighten the viewing experience.

In other news, Post Profit has announced a new series of live dates that is scheduled to launch Jan. 30 in Dallas, TX. The statewide tour is scheduled to run through April 30 in Austin, TX and features one out of state date — Feb. 18 — in Lafayette, LA.

More information on Post Profit’s new single, video, album, and tour is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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