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Rare Bloom Premieres New Single, ‘Montreal Screwjob,’ Lyric Video

Feb. 23 — Independent rock band Rare Bloom premiered its new single and video this week.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Montreal Screwjob‘ and its companion lyric video Tuesday. The song’s musical arrangement is a unique presentation that comes across as a sort of two-movement composition. The first movement presents a clear pop punk leaning while the second takes the song in a more metal direction. The contrast of the two styles makes for its own engagement and entertainment.

The song’s lyrical theme delivers its own engaging content according to band member Ethan Thayer.

“I’d like to think this song is an anthem for the underdog,” he said. “It helps give you a positive outlook to what’s going on in the world, with this covid madness, and let you know you’ve got this, IT WILL BE OKAY!”

The lyric video for ‘Montreal Screwjob’ features a variety of unique images, such as flying dogs, padlocks, an erupting volcano, and other decidedly psychedelic imagery as the song’s lyrics are presented over it all. The song plays over the visualization.

‘Montreal Screwjob’ features a guest appearance by Carlos Salazar, of Before There Was Rosalyn.

More information on Rare Bloom’s new single and lyric video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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