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Ratchet Dolls Plans New EP Release, Debuts Record’s Lead Single

March 28 — Independent rock band Ratchet Dolls will release its first new record in more than five years this summer in the form of a new EP.

The band is set to release its new EP, Bring The Noize this summer. An exact release date is under consideration. In anticipation of what will be the band’s second studio release, the band premiered the record’s lead single, ‘Modern Mistake‘ March 20.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Modern Mistake’ is a high-energy, guitar-driven composition. Its big riffs and energy will impress any guitar rock purist. The incorporation of the piano as a backing element alongside the bass and rums adds even more to the arrangement’s overall impact. The whole lends itself to comparison to works from the likes of Motley Crue and Poison. Audiences could even argue that there is a touch of Buckcherry influence here, too.

The lyrical theme featured in the band’s new single is about a woman. More specifically, it is a familiar theme about a man who is crazy for a woman that he knows is bad for him. That is evidenced as founder/front man Kevin Sauceda sings, ‘It hurts like hell, but I enjoy the pain” about what the woman puts the song’s subject through. The very statement that the song’s subject “can’t resist” adds even more to that noted theme. It is an all too familiar matter that will resonate with a wide range of audiences, especially when it is paired with the song’s infectious musical arrangement.

‘Modern Mistake’ is just the latest of Ratchet Dolls’ singles. The band released its then most recent single, ‘Parasite‘ in 2020. That song’s arrangement also boasts a clear Buckcherry influence. Its release was preceded by that of the single, ‘Out Of Control‘ in 2019. The band released its debut album, Damaged, two years prior in 2017.

In other news, the band is on tour in support of its new EP. The next date on the band’s tour is scheduled for Thursday in Asheville, NC. From there, the tour will gradually wind down through the first two weeks of April. The band is also scheduled to perform at this year’s annual Rockfest Festival, which is scheduled to take place July 14-16 in Cabot, WI.

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