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Sabaton’s Recently Released Double Live Collection Will Appeal To The Band’s Most Devoted Audiences

Sabaton is scheduled to release its next album, The War to End All Wars early next year.  The band’s 10th album, it is scheduled for release March 4 through Nuclear Blast Records.  The band has already released the album’s lead single, ‘Christmas Truce’ to build anticipation for the record.  More music is likely on the way, too.  In the meantime, the band’s most diehard fans have another way to pass the time.  It comes in the form of the band’s recently released limited edition live box set, The 20th Anniversary Show/The Great Show.  Released Nov. 19 through Nuclear Blast Records in limited quantities, the two-concert collection is an interesting presentation.  Among the most notable items that makes it interesting is its set lists.  They will be discussed shortly.  The band’s performances thereof are also of interest and will be discussed a little later.  The concerts’ production rounds out their most important items and will be discussed later, too.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the box set.  All things considered, they make The 20th Anniversary Show/The Great Show a presentation that, again, Sabaton’s most devoted audiences will appreciate.

Sabaton’s recently released limited edition live box set, The 20th Anniversary Show/The Great Show is an intriguing new addition to the band’s live catalog.  Only the band’s fourth live recording, the set proves itself worth experiencing occasionally.  That is due in part to the set lists featured in each of the collection’s two concerts.  The set list for The 20th Anniversary Show is especially intriguing in that it is a career-spanning set list for the most part.  The only records not represented in this set are the band’s 2007 album, Metalizer and its 2010 record, Coat of Arms.  That means in all, seven of the band’s nine current albums are featured in this set list.  The thing is that the set list leans heavily on the band’s more recent works, with 2008’s The Art of War getting the most nods at five.  The band’s 2016 album, The Last Stand and its follow-up, 2019’s The Great War get four nods each.  Meanwhile, the band’s first two records, Primo Victoria (2004) and Attero Dominatus (2006) each get only one nod each here.  Heroes (2014) is represented in this set list with three songs while Carolus Rex (2013) is represented through two songs.  The band’s 2019 non-album single, ‘Bismarck’ is also here, bringing the set list’s total to 21 songs (22 if audiences count the “Drum-off” between Hannes Van Dahl and Daniel Mullback).  That set list spans more than two hours.  So again, considering that the band was celebrating its 20th anniversary at this headlining show, the set list is impressive.  It just would have been nice to have seen even more diversity in the set list to even more fully represent the band’s body of work.

Much of the set list featured in the band’s 20th Anniversary concert is also featured in the set list for the second concert in the band’s new live box set, The Great Show.  In the case of this concert’s set list, the list is shorter, featuring 17 songs instead of the more than 20 that make up the other concert’s set list.  So while audiences get many of the same songs between the set lists, there is at least some variance between the two lists.  To that end, the set lists are certain to entertain a wide range of Sabaton’s established fan base.

The set lists featured in each of the band’s concerts form a strong foundation for this collection’s presentation and are just one part of what makes the set worth experiencing.  The band’s performance thereof is of its own note.  That is because of the energy that the band exudes throughout the course of each concert.  There is some banter between the band and audience in each show, but for the most part, the band lets its performances do the talking.  The audience fully feeds off of the band’s energy, which is clearly exhibited in the concerts’ production.  That item will be discussed a little later.  Getting back on the subject at hand, even the mostly minimalist use of the pyro throughout the shows plays into the band’s performance, too.  Yes, pyro is used, but the band uses it tastefully, again, letting its performance take center stage.  As a result, the band’s talents and abilities are put that much more on display, making the overall performances that much more engaging and entertaining.  When this is considered along with the appeal ensured through the concerts’ set lists, the whole makes the collection all the more appealing for the noted audiences.  It is just one more part of what makes the collection a piece that said audiences will welcome, too.  The noted production rounds out the collection’s most important elements.

The production presented in each concert puts the finishing touch to the collection’s overall presentation.  The concerts’ production is worth noting because it gives audiences something more than just a pair of typical concert experiences.  Rather, there are certain fade effects, shots, and angles that really give the concerts a semi-cinematic sense.  From the wide aerial shots showing the immensity of the crowd at Wacken, to the black-and-white effect used in portions of the band’s show in Prague, to the various angles used in the on-stage and crowd shots, and the connected fade effects, the production gives audiences at home the best seat in the house.  What’s more, each concert’s audio makes for its own appeal within each concert.  Audiences get the full concert effect (especially those with home theater systems) with all of the subtle echoes balanced with the crown noise and balance in the vocals and instrumentation.  All things considered here, the production presented in each concert is just as laudable as the set lists and the band’s performances thereof.  It completes the concerts’ presentation and shows that much more what Sabaton’s most diehard fans have to expect from these concerts.

Satabton’s recently released live collection, The 20th Anniversary Show/The Great Show is a presentation that the band’s most devoted audience base will appreciate.  That is proven in part through its featured set lists.  The set lists are largely the same from one to the next.  The first concert’s set list is a career-spanning presentation, even though it tends to lean more heavily on the band’s more recent albums than its earlier records.  The second concert’s set list mirrors that of the first set list for the most part.  Considering the set lists were part of concerts that were part of the same tour, that is not surprising.  The band’s performance of said set lists adds its own enjoyment to the whole.  That is because of the energy that the band exudes through out concert.  The band feeds off of that energy and gives it right back to the band.  The result is that all involved fully enjoy the show, and leave audiences at home enjoying just as much as the band and those who were there at the concerts.  The production puts the final touch to the presentation, giving home viewers the best seat in the hose, what with the expert audio and video mixes.  Each item examined here is important in its own way to the whole of the collection.  All things considered, they make the set a mostly successful new presentation that, again, Sabaton’s most devoted audiences will enjoy.

The 20th Anniversary Show/The Great Show was released Nov. 19 in limited quantities.  Very limited quantities of the collection might still be available. More information on Sabaton’s new live collection and forthcoming album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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