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Shawn Perry Talks Unity, Positive Vibes In New Single, Video

Sept. 3 — Shawn Perry returned this week with his latest single and video.

Perry debuted his new single, ‘Hardrock Hillbilly‘ and its companion video Friday. The premieres come almost a year after the debut of Perrys’ then latest single, ‘Six Feet Apart.’ It features a guest appearance by rapper King Pala.

King Pala’s addition to the hard rocking arrangement makes the song instantly comparable to works from the likes of Stuck Mojo, Kid Rock, and others of that ilk. The balance of King Pala’s rapping and even that of Perry with the song’s old school guitar riffs makes the arrangement in whole fully engaging and entertaining.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Hardrock Hillbilly’ is straight forward. It sends a message of unity regardless of political affiliation, bias, and other factors. Perry even sings, “The world keeps spinnin’ but we don’t learn nothin’/Let’s burn it down/And try it again/Kick the party out” here before going on to sing about putting on some old school Def Leppard and partying. Simply put, this is a song that promotes unity across the aisle and across all those dividing lines. It is a welcome, positive message.

The video that accompanies the song is appealing in its own right. It finds Perry, his band, and King Pala at a small race track. The group not only performs at the location, but also enjoys taking some laps around the raceway, whose identity is not presented in the press release announcing the premiere of the song and its video.

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