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Sick Of It All Debuts ‘Beef Between Vegans’ Lyric Video

Aug. 6 — Sick of it All kicked off the weekend with the premiere of its latest single and its lyric video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Beef Between Vegans’ and its lyric video Friday. The song is the latest single from the band’s most recent album, Wake The Sleeping Dragon (2018). It is the album’s seventh single behind ‘Bull’s Anthem,’  ‘Wake The Sleeping Dragon, ‘That Crazy  White Boy S***,’ ‘Inner Vision,’ ‘The Snake,’ and ‘Self Important S***head.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Beef Between Vegans’ is a heavy composition. Its overall instrumentation and vocals make it comparable to works from the likes of Hatebreed, Terror, and others of that ilk.

No information was provided in the press release announcing the debut of the new single and lyric video. The lyrics presented on screen however, make clear that the song is a commentary about the state of the world.

Speaking of lyrics presented on screen, they are presented over rough imagery of items, such as oil derricks, wildfires, and random cityscapes to help translate the message.

In related news, Sick of it All recently premiered a series of quarantine performances to tide fans over during the pandemic. The band performed new takes of its songs, ‘Deep State,‘ ‘Hardcore Horseshoe,’ ‘Paper Tiger,’ ‘The Bland Within‘ and ‘Alone.’

In other news, Sick of it All has two live dates scheduled for later this month. The dates are noted below.

SICK OF IT ALL Tour Dates:

August 27 – Providence, RI – Dusk

August 28 – Wallingford, CT – Cherry Street Station

More information on Sick of it All’s new quarantine sessions series and book is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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