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Sorcerer Premieres Ozzy Osbourne Cover, Companion Video

Dec. 10 — Sorcerer has taken on a classic Ozzy Osbourne song for its latest single and video.

The band premiered its take on Osbourne’s ‘Waiting For Darkness’ for its latest single. The group premiered the song and its video Friday. It is just the latest of the covers the the band has premiered. The collective most recently took on Saxon’s ‘Crusader‘ last month and accompanied the song with a companion video.

The premiere of that song and video followed the premieres of the band’s cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘When Death Calls‘ in October and its cover of Rainbow’s ‘Gates of Babylon‘ in September.’

All four songs make up the body of the band’s new EP, Reverence. The record is available through all digital platforms.

Sorcerer’s take on ‘Waiting For Darkness’ is in line with its source material in terms of its run time. The original song runs five minutes, 17 seconds. Sorcerer’s cover is only four seconds longer, clocking in at five minutes, 21 seconds. In terms of the stylistic approach and sound, the two songs are just as closely similar.

The most notable difference between the two renditions is in the songs’ bridges. The bridge in the original composition bears more of a classic rock sense with what almost feels like a semi-orchestral sound. The bridge in Sorcerer’s take bears more of a full-on metal sound and style.

Sorcerer’s take on ‘Crusader’ is available now through all digital outlets. More information on Sorcerer’s take on ‘Crusader’ is available along with all of Sorcerer’s latest news at:




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