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Spencer Steffan-Metro Station Drummer Review-11/08/16-Columbus-Ohio

On a cold Wet night Metro Station rolled through in to Columbus,Ohio on 11/08/16 to rock a small crowd and there drummer Spencer Steffan proved why hes a great drummer. Spencer had all the girls woohing over his drum solo that seemed to last for hours in reality was like 10 minutes  but he is one badass drummer who knows how to play drums and is so enthusiastic about playing drums for a band that has been around for a long time.


If you are into drummers and how they perform well then you have met your perfect match with him. And there was jokes about him being single and when all the girls heard that they went crazy and started screaming Spencer’s name which was  a shock cause that was a first to experience  that type of environment that I have never knew existed.His the crowd soaked all of it is so unique and when that bass dropped it was a show stopper that everyone wish it wouldn’t stop it was mixed with drums and like edm feel. 


When Spencer started going really he decided to stand up on his drums and started going hamm on the drums and it was a site to see.

Overall Spencer by far is one of the more talented drummers in the music scene and he could fit well anywhere in the music scene for a fill in.

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