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Temple Of Shadows Debuts New Single, ‘The Hanged Man,’ Companion Video

Feb. 22 — Former Ice Nine Kills member Justin “JD” deBliek and Joel DeMartino’s new band, Temple of Shadows,’ premiered the latest single and video from the project’s new album this week.

The band premiered its new single ‘The Hanged Man‘ and its video Tuesday. The song is the group’s second behind the recently premiered single, ‘The Hermit.’ The song was released Dec. 14.

The single is a far cry from the works that DeBliek composed as a member of Ice Nine Kills. There is a clear metalcore leaning present throughout the song’s arrangement, but it seems more subdued than most metalcore songs.

deBliek talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a brief statement.

“‘The Hanged Man’ is our take on the message of knowing your surroundings and finding peace in the madness,” said deBliek.

deBliek and DeMartino expanded with a more in-depth statement about the song’s lyrical theme.

“…”The Hanged Man doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable in his suspended state,” the statement continues. It suggests he is there by choice and has found peace within the chaos. This card symbolizes new insight, awareness and enlightenment- a way to see the world with a new perspective. So, when we find ourselves getting hung up on the things that are beyond our control, this card reminds us to let go and meditate on the greater good.”

The lyric video presents a skeleton knight on horseback making its way through a countryside as the song’s lyrics play over the visualization.

More information on Temple of Shadows’ new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at


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