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The Aquadolls Debuts Cover Of The Waitresses’ ‘Xmas Wrapping’

Nov. 29 — The Aquadolls is getting into the holiday spirit with an update on a lesser-known holiday song.

The band debuted its take of ‘The Waitresses’ 1981 single, ‘Xmas Wrapping‘ Nov. 18. The Aquadolls’ update on the song was produced by NOFX’s Fat Mike and features guest appearances from fellow NOFX band member El Jefe and Fishbone’s Angela Moore.

Aquadolls vocalist Melissa Brooks was humble as she talked about working with the noted figures.

“It’s so exciting for us to collaborate with so many music icons on this and put a new twist on such an underrated and timeless classic,” she said. “We hope you start a mosh pit to this and this makes your holiday season rock harder than before!”

The Aquadolls’ update on ‘Xmas Wrapping’ gives it a fresh new take. That is evidenced in the ska influence incorporated into the song alongside the band’s own punk leanings. It also cuts the song by almost as much as two minutes from the original song’s run time, making for even more appeal in its more direct instrumentation.

In other news, The Aquadolls has a pair of live performances scheduled for the coming days. The band is scheduled to perform live 10 p.m. ET Tuesday at Budtender Session and at Punk Rock and Paint Brushes Dec. 11 in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Audiences can stream the Budtender show through YouTube and Cannabis Capitol’s official Twitch channel. Audiences can RSVP for the upcoming sixth annual Punk Rock and Paintbrushes event here.

More information on The Aquadolls’ cover of ‘Xmas Wrapping’ is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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