THE COLOUR YOU Releases Official Music Video for “Set Me Free” – Interview

Alternative Rock Band THE COLOUR YOU has released the official music video for their single, “Set Me Free.” Originally premiered on Alternative Press Facebook Live, “Set Me Free” was filmed and directed by Sidney Lee Lopez. The Colour You is an American rock band from Baton Rouge, LA. Formed in 2016, TCY puts an interesting twist on the genre by blending hard-hitting, energetic guitar riffs, huge anthemic choruses with melodic vocal melodies, and infusing them with dark modern pop elements. I had a chance to quickly chat with the guys of TCY about the brand new single and video.

Now before we jump in, I literally never use the word ‘sexy’ to describe anything in the music world. But the track and the accompanying video is just that, sexy. I absolutely adore this track and you can listen to it below or catch it on our Spotify playlist.  Julian Comeau (Vocals) referred to the track as “…questioning whether or not someone could/should be a means of escape from the hell in your head. On one side you’ve got this damaged soul looking for an escape, and on the other, there is this beautiful angel-like figure who’s intrigued by the danger of this damaged “bad boy” image, but not quite brave enough to be that escape.”  So let’s jump right into what the guys of TCY had to say!

So, I am sure not a lot of people have heard of you guys yet, so give us an introduction.

Hi, I’m Julian Comeau, Bemo Barnett, Robbie Buisson, and we are The Colour You.

You guys just released the track and video for “Set Me Free”, now, I have to be honest here…. I rarely use the word sexy in my profession. But that is ONE SEXY DAMN SONG. What was the inspiration behind the track?

The song just kind of happened, hah. We just showed up at the studio and we’re determined to start and finish a song that day and this was the end result. When it came to lyrical content that was inspired by just needing a means of escape.

This thing has been on my playlist non-stop since it fell in my inbox, not even kidding. I hear so many elements from a Nine Inch Nails undertone all the way to a pop-punk vibe. When you went into writing and production for the song itself… what were the influences that came to the table?

It’s funny that you bring up NIN, as we’re all big fans of that band, but the inspiration of how the song starts was actually sparked from listening to one of their songs called “closer” on the way to the studio that morning. Started with a few production tie bits and the rest fell into place super fast. I think we completed the whole song instrumentally in under 2 hours. We spent much longer time getting the vocals right where we wanted them.

Now the video, once again going to drop the S bomb here, it has a very sexy story to it. What inspired you to go with that theme?

We sent the lyrics and the track to our good friend Sidney Lee Lopez and asked him if he’d be interested in shooting a video for the song. He listened to the track and pitched us an idea a few days later and we just let him run with it.

I am sure you have some interesting stories from your time in the world of music. Care to share one?

Nothing too crazy that we can talk about 😉

If you had to go on tour, right now. What is the one thing you would couldn’t leave home without?

An abundance of clean underwear and socks.

Speaking of tours, any sneak peaks on an upcoming one?

There are some announcements to be made 😉


I am super excited to see where these guys go in the not-so-distant future. The Colour You is truly a genre-breaking act that will be around for a good time to come. Make sure you keep up to date with them on their Facebook page or visit their website at


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