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The Fratellis Frontman JON FRATELLI Releases “Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name,” Solo Album Out February 15th

The Fratellis Frontman JON FRATELLI Releases “Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name,” Solo Album Out February 15th

Announce details of new single  
“Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name”
New solo album Bright Night Flowers

Out February 15th via Cooking Vinyl

Pre-order the new album HERE 

JON FRATELLI – Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and front man from The Fratellis announces details of a new single “Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name” out today. You can listen to it HEREDreams Don’t Remember Your Name is taken from Jon’s forthcoming solo album. Bright Night Flowers which will be released on February 15th via Cooking Vinyl.

Jon talks about the new track by saying, “I guess you could say ‘Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name’ is a lullaby. Not the kind that you sing to your kids to send them off to sleep but the kind that you might serenade the world weary with. The title itself says all that needs saying… dream any dream you like, whether it’s a nightmare or a tale of bliss it’s all the same in the end but you might as well dream yourself some bliss after all no one is keeping score!”

The album was recorded in Scotland during the summer of 2018 and was self-produced with the help of a long-term friend, musician and producer Stuart McCredie (Simple MindsEcho & The Bunny MenBelle & SebastianThe Fratellis).


Straight off the back of the last Fratellis album, Jon’s solo material displays a more down-tempo melodic side to his song writing and with echoes of Glen Campbell, Roy Orbison and even Tom Waits. This perfectly-assembled, finely-wrought, nine-track album showcases something very special from his art.

Soul-noir, country gothic, The Big ‘O’ meets The Big Easy, the Heart of Saturday Night meets the West End of Glasgow… Call it what you will, Jon’s second solo ‘joint’ is a little masterpiece and a refreshing change of pace from his previous work.

Jon talks about the making of  the album by saying “Almost all of these songs were written on the piano, which is fairly obvious on first listen. It seemed like the most natural counterpoint to the last album: to move away from fairly loud and colorful songs – some of which were built from mash ups of various ideas – to something gentle that rolled with a bit more fluidity.”

“I’d describe this album as playful as well, actually,” he says with a smile. “Heartbreak and emotional pain can also be playful when you know that they’re not to be taken too seriously. Equally, you can’t know pleasure without its opposite. In that respect, black is equally as joyful as white. Life would be very dull if happiness was the only experience, wouldn’t it?”

  1. Serenade In Vain
  2. Bright Night Flowers
  3. After A While
  4. Evangeline
  5. Rolling By
  6. Crazy Lovers Song
  7. Dreams Don’t Remember Your Name
  8. In From The Cold
  9. Somewhere




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