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The Venomous Pinks Announce New Album Details; Debut Album’s Lead Single, Video; Band Plans Upcoming Festival Performance

March 24 — Punk band The Venomous Pinks debuted its new single and video this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘No Rules‘ and its video Thursday. The song is featured in the band’s forthcoming debut album, Vita Mors, which is scheduled for release June 3 through SBAM Records.

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single is a catchy three minute-plus composition. The vocal harmonies and the instrumentation makes the song a work that will appeal to any punk rock purist.

The song’s lyrical theme centers on the all too familiar topic of a broken relationship, according to singer/guitarist Drea Doll.

“‘No Rules’ is a scorned love letter in song form that attempts to break the vicious cycle of a toxic relationship,” Doll said. “It was a fun track to record, because regardless of what stage you are at in life, everyone can relate to a little heartbreak.”

Doll also talked about the song’s video.

“We are collaborating again with director Alexander Thomas to create the video,” she said. “I’m stoked, because we were taping at The Pinks old stomping grounds, The Yucca Tap Room. The venue is an Arizona punk rock staple, and we really came into our own as a band on that stage – so it’s only fitting.”

The video features the band on stage in the performance space as two women sit at a bar inside, watching the performance. Audiences will also appreciate that the unidentified bartender featured in the video is sporting a Chaser t-shirt. Chaser is a well-known punk band in its own right.

In other news, The Venomous Pinks are scheduled to perform live in late May at the Pouzza Fest 10 in Montreal, Quebec. They will join the likes of Propaghandi, Cloud Nothings, Belvedere, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and War on Women for the festival.

The Venomous Pinks’ debut album is preceded by its EP, I Want You, which was released in 2020. The record produced the single, ‘I Really Don’t Care‘.

More information on The venomous Pink’s new single, video, album and upcoming performance is available online at:




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