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Versus Me Debuts New Single, ‘Down’

Sept. 24 — Independent hard rock band Versus Me debuted its latest single over the weekend.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Down‘ Friday. The song features a heavy musical arrangement whose blend of heavy screams, clean vocals, and equally heavy, rich instrumentation lends itself to comparison to works from Wage War and Ice Nine Kills.

The song’s lyrical theme came about in an unexpected fashion, and delivers a message of facing life’s obstacles head on. This is according to comments from front man James Millbrandt.

“The song is about the fight or flight response and being beaten down by life’s trials,” he said. “I wrote this song as I was about to board a flight for my first time flying. The nerves were getting to me and everyone’s advice on flying wasn’t really helping. So I started writing the lyrics as I was sitting in the airport terminal. The resulting song is a high energy and emotionally honest message that we feel as a band, anyone could relate to.”

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