We Came As Romans-The Columbus Athenaeum Theater-Bravo Artist,Celebrity ETC Presents-Columbus,Ohio-11-03-2021

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Credit to setlist.fm for set list information

To Plant A Seed

Broken Statues

We Are The Reasons



To Move On Is To Grow

Wasted Age

Lost in the Moment


Tracing Back Roots

Black Hole (ft. guest appearance by Caleb Shomo)

Credit to Phillip Sayblack for Bio of Caleb Shomo

Caleb Shomo is best known as the front man for the rock band Beartooth.

Additionally, he is credited as the former front man, early backing vocalist and keyboardist of Attack! Attack!

Also, he owns the Columbus, OH-based Studio Records.


Roads That Don’t End And Views That Never Cease

Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always

I Will Not Reap Destruction

An Ever-Growing Wonder

Promise Me

Cold Like War


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