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Wild Wild Wets Announces New Album Specs; Debuts Album’s Lead Single, Video

April 4 — Independent rock duo Wild Wild Wets is scheduled to release its new album, Love Always next month.

The band’s third album, it is scheduled for release May 27. In anticipation of the album’s release, the band premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Say So‘ and its video Monday. The video is a vintage throwback type presentation that intentional in its presentation according to “co-front man” Mike Turi.

“Our good friend and producer, JeanCarlo Mendez, not only made the album happen, he has gone out of his mind putting together this wild visual video for “Say So” using old-school analog video techniques from the 80’s,” Turi said. “His style and sensibility is obviously very much our vibe and he and his teammate Brandon Mosquera nailed the edit on this project.”

Mendez expanded on Turi’s comments.

“‘Say So’ was immediately one of my favorite tracks,” Mendez said. “For the video I wanted to make an early MTV Era meets early 2000’s Ipod commercial… But on Acid. We used late 80’s era video switchers to create the feedback, and old CRT monitors to create the banding and scan-lines you see in the video. “Say So” is a fun psych-pop track with infectious energy, yet Sparks-esque, in its fermented dreariness (case in point the lyric: “I never met someone who could make me feel so high and not care if I’m alive” and references to “Formaldehyde Perfume”).

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Say So’ is just as throwback in its own presentation as the video. The guitars and vocals give the song a distinct 80s pop rock influence while the production adds even more to that sense.

No information about the song’s lyrical theme was presented in the press release announcing the debut of the duo’s new single and video. No lyrics are presented with the video, either. A close listen leads to the inference that the song’s theme centers on the matter of a woman and a relationship. That is just this critic’s interpretation.

More information on Wild Wild Wets’ new single, video, and album is available along with all of the duo’s latest news at:






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