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Catholic Guilt Gets Existential In New Single; Upcoming Concert Announced

Feb. 3 — Pop punk band Catholic Guilt debuted its latest single this week, along with the song’s companion video.

The band unveiled its new single, ‘Live For The Rush‘ Tuesday alongside the song’s companion video. The musical arrangement featured in ‘Live For The Rush’ is a catchy composition that is easily likened to those of so many of the band’s pop punk counterparts.

The lyrical theme of ‘Live For The Rush’ is existential, to a point, said front man Brenton Harris.

“‘Live For The Rush’ is a song about wanting to feel truly ‘alive’ again, after a prolonged period of emotional paralysis,” Harris said. “It is about holding an insatiable desire to experience the sensation of life, yet at the same time living in fear of the risks and changes that might be required to do so.

Harris added, “It is a very human thing to want to feel everything, all at once, to want to explore all that this finite existence can offer, yet it is also a very human thing to want to protect the status quo because the status quo offers the safety and the surety of knowing, even if what we know isn’t providing fulfilment. ’Live For The Rush’ is an anthem about rediscovering the joy of the unknown and in the process learning to feel again.”

The song’s companion video follows a bottle of sauce on its adventures through a city while the band performs its new single in a studio. The band is shown in black and white while the bottle and its surroundings are all shown in color. IT is not until the band gets a drink from the bottle that its situation livens up, too.

Sophia Van Doorn, who directed the video, discussed the video’s treatment and how it ties into the song’s lyrical theme.

“The premise of this video at first glance is silly, funny and kinda weird,” Van Doorn said. “But when you delve into the bright, shiny world that Sauce lives in, there’s a whole lot more to it. Given that Sauce is depicted in an overly saturated, orange-hued world, their life is a vibrant, action-packed and fulfilling existence. Its stark contrast to the initial band shots of gloomy, lackluster monotony creates a juxtaposition of light and dark. The band’s jubilant facial expressions upon Sauce’s arrival are the hero of this video and really tie back to the incredible lyrics, uplifting the viewer.

Van Doorn added, “It was hilarious running around town shooting the Sauce scenes and the band nailed all their shots in every aspect – the fun and ridiculousness shines through in the video. As a first-time director of a music video, I’m thrilled with the outcome, it looks awesome. Awesomesauce.”

In other news, Catholic Guilt is scheduled to perform live March 3 in Melbourne, Australia. Tickets will go on sale for the concert Monday.

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