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AVGMNT Debuts New Album’s Third Single

March 15 — Independent industrial metal act AVGMNT (pronounced Augment) debuted the latest single from its forthcoming debut album, Sequences this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Somatose‘ Wednesday. The song is the album’s third single behind ‘Human Skin‘ and ‘Null.’ The song’s musical arrangement boasts a full-on industrial approach just as its predecessors but is much darker and more brooding than those songs.

As with other songs, this composition lends itself to comparison to works from the likes of Orgy thanks to the use of the electronics and guitars. However, that darker approach, which includes more defined keyboards and production effects also lends the arrangement even more to comparison to works from the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Blue Eyed Christ all in one setting. That blending of influences makes for quite the intriguing presentation.

The duo — Zach Wagner and Fernando Ruiz — discussed the song’s somewhat existential lyrical theme and musical arrangement in a prepared statement.

“What do we experience in our time of dying?,” the statement reads. I”s it a void, do we drift through space, do we travel between dimensions? In this our protagonist exists in a drug induced coma as his body slowly shuts down. His brain dumping chemicals inducing strong hallucinations of floating aimlessly through the vastness of space. We really wanted to bounce between dense low tonal trap beats during the verses and open wide guitar/synths during choruses/breaks to give that feeling of confusion and disorientation.”

Sequences is scheduled for release April 21. Pre-orders are open.

The duo discussed the album’s overarching concept in a separate comment.

“Our debut album, Seqvences, introduces and explores the fictional city of Hexatroplis 2.0 through a loose narrative,” the statement reads. “It was important for us to really establish a voice without limiting ourselves stylistically but maintain cohesion. We felt by having this strong foundation, it gave us the freedom to still be thematic. The state of our current dysfunctionally dystopian world was the biggest point of inspiration – just injected with a little (but not much) sci-fi flair. A global pandemic and the resulting response can really force some hard re-evaluations about society as a whole. We wanted to balance the idea of dense audio claustrophobia to bouts of aggression mixed with rich spatial layering. We hope people enjoy the ride through the layers of neon haze into sordid city streets. Welcome to the world of AVGMNT.”

Sequences‘ track listing is noted below:

Seqvences Tracklist:

  5. NVLL
  6. SLVMTROPOLIS (feat. Jax Ayers, Buzz)

More information on AVGMNT’s new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: