Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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PARIA Unleash Official Music Video for New Single, “Venerate”!

PARIA Unleashes Official Music Video for New Single, “Venerate”!

In celebration of 20 years of their unique sound of Progressive Thrash Metal, PARIA, formerly of Black Market Activities / Metal Blade, has released the official music video for their newest single, “Venerate.” Featuring current footage mixed with the best footage from the early 2000s, collected from old friends and fans and digitized, “Venerate” showcases the band’s incredible stage presence and high energy instrumentation.

“Venerate” was recorded and mixed by Jim Homan and mastered by Brad Boatright with the music video directed by Aaron Gum, and is off of the band’s upcoming new EP.

Purchase / Stream “Venerate” Online

Through music we can identify and be understood. We can acknowledge and own the past, while looking onward with any psychological state that propels the mind. Music offers the vehicle to produce this phantasm again and again—as if suspended in time.

It is with this in mind that Paria produces its distinct musical construct. 20 years evolved, Paria set out to produce an inimitable kind of sonic boom. This philosophy remains intact along with the classic lineup of players who created it.

Three studio albums and signing with Black Market Activities/Metal Blade Records thrusted Paria to hundreds of shows across the United States, televised performances, awards, and an abundance of media with no shortage of critical acclaim.

The wall of sound created by Paria is powerful, adrenaline pumping, and energetic. Looking to the past, being in the present, while continuing to look to the future. This is the new era of PARIA.

2023 will mark another evolution of Paria – a band that consistently grows and matures, but stays true to creating their own signature of aggressive music. One that will force its way into the listener’s psyche through a new vision of intensity and be memorialized with the release of this new album.

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