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The Van Pelt To Release New Album Friday, Premieres Album’s Third Single


March 10 — Independent rock band The Van Pelt is scheduled to release its new album, Artisans & Merchants Friday.

The record will release through Spartan Records in the U.S., Gringo in the UK and through La Castanya in Europe and other territories globally. In anticipation of the record’s release, the band premiered the record’s third single Friday in the form of ‘The Grid.’ The single’s debut follows those of its predecessors, ‘Image of Health‘ and ‘Punk House.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Grid’ stands out apart from its counterparts in that it is more of a post punk style composition. There is also a touch of garage punk incorporated into the arrangement. By comparison, ‘Image of Health’ walks the line of being more emo and ‘Punk House’ exhibits something more of a shoegazer style sound and style. The only thing that remains the same here from the other songs is the spoken word style vocal delivery. That is a standard in the other singles, just as much as it is here.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the song’s premiere. No lyrics were provided with the song through the sing’s presentation through Spartan Records’ YouTube channel, either. From what is understood, the song’s subject tells the story of his journey through a city one one fateful night, telling about all the things he experienced. It really does not come across as much more than that, though as always, this is just this critic’s interpretation.

Artisans & Merchants will be The Van Pelt’s first new album in 25 years upon its release. The rest of the band’s catalog is available to hear here. The album’s track listing is noted below:

‘Artisans & Merchants’ Track Listing:

1. We Gotta Leave

2. Image of Health

3. Artisans & Merchants

4. Punk House

5. Old Souls from Different Epochs

6. Grid

7. Cold Coconuts

8. Did We Hear The Same Song

9. Love Is Brutal

In other news, The Van Pelt has announced a brief tour in support of its new album. The tour is scheduled to launch Thursday in Leeds, UK and to run through Sunday in Antwerp, Belgium. A performance in Brooklyn, NY is also scheduled for April 23.

More information on The Van Pelt’s new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: