NewsBMG, Rhino Announce Details For RATT Box Set

BMG, Rhino Announce Details For RATT Box Set


April 6 — BMG and Rhino Entertainment have partnered to re-issue five of RATT’s albums.

The Atlantic Years is scheduled for release June 9 exclusively on vinyl. The collection culls RATT’s first five records, all of which were released through Atlantic Records, into the standalone collection.

Along with the records released through Atlantic Records, the box set will also feature the band’s single, ‘Nobody Rides For Free’ as a bonus on a 7″ exclusive to the collection. The standalone single was featured in the 1991 movie, Point Break, which starred Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

The collection’s track listing is noted below:

Out Of The Cellar (1984)

1.    Wanted Man (Cristofanilli/Crosby/Pearcy)

2.    You’re In Trouble (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby)

3.    Round And Round (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby)

4.    In Your Direction (Pearcy)

5.    She Wants Money (Croucier)

6.    Lack Of Communication (Croucier/Pearcy)

7.    Back For More (Pearcy/Crosby)

8.    The Morning After (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby)

9.    I’m Insane (Crosby)

10. Scene Of The Crime (Crosby/Croucier)


Invasion Of Your Privacy (1985)

1.    You’re In Love (Croucier/Pearcy)

2.    Never Use Love (Pearcy)

3.    Lay It Down (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier)

4.    Give It All (Pearcy/Crosby)

5.    Closer To My Heart (Crosby/Pearcy)

6.    Between The Eyes (DeMartini/Pearcy)

7.    What You Give Is What You Get (Croucier)

8.    Got Me On The Line (Crosby/Pearcy)

9.    You Should Know By Now (Crosby/Pearcy/Croucier)

10. Dangerous But Worth The Risk (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)


Dancing Undercover (1986)

1.    Dance (Pearcy/Crosby/DeMartini/Hill)

2.    One Good Lover (Crosby/Pearcy)

3.    Drive Me Crazy (Pearcy/Crosby/DeMartini/Blotzer)

4.    Slip Of The Lip (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

5.    Body Talk (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

6.    Looking For Love (Crosby/Pearcy/Croucier)

7.    7th Avenue (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

8.    It Doesn’t Matter (Croucier/Pearcy)

9.    Take A Chance (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier)

10. Enough Is Enough (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier)


Reach For The Sky (1988)

1.    City To City (Pearcy/Crosby/DeMartini/Croucier/Hill)

2.    I Want A Woman (Crosby/Pearcy/Croucier/Hill)

3.    Way Cool Jr. (DeMartini/Pearcy/Hill)

4.    Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds (Pearcy/Crosby/Croucier/Hill)

5.    I Want To Love You Tonight (DeMartini/Crosby/Pearcy)

6.    Chain Reaction (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier)

7.    No Surprise (DeMartini/Pearcy)

8.    Bottom Line (Croucier/Pearcy/DeMartini/Crosby/Hill)

9.    What’s It Gonna Be (Croucier/DeMartini/Crosby/Pearcy/Hill)

10. What I’m After (Croucier/Pearcy)


Detonator (1990)

1.    Intro To Shame (DeMartini)

2.    Shame Shame Shame (DeMartini/Pearcy/Child)

3.    Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job (DeMartini/Pearcy/Croucier/Child)

4.    Scratch That Itch (Croucier/Pearcy/Child)

5.    One Step Away (Blotzer/Pearcy/DeMartini/Croucier/Child)

6.    Hard Time (DeMartini/Pearcy/Child)

7.    Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (DeMartini/Pearcy/Child)

8.    All Or Nothing (DeMartini/Pearcy/Crosby/Kilgore/Child)

9.    Can’t Wait On Love (Crosby/Croucier/DeMartini/Pearcy/Blotzer/Child)

10. Givin’ Yourself Away (Child/Warren/Pearcy)

11. Top Secret (Pearcy/DeMartini/Child)

“Nobody Rides For Free” – 7” Single – Exclusive to LP box

As an added bonus, the box set will also feature a 12-page replica tour book that features rare and previously unreleased photos from RATT’s archives. A poster, bumper sticker, guitar pick, and replica backstage pass are also extras included in the collection.

More information on RATT’s forthcoming box set is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: