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d3adc0de Debuts New Single, ‘Call Out The Liars’

April 28 — Independent techno-rock band d3adc0de debuted its latest single this weekend.

The band opened the weekend by premiering its new single, ‘Call Out The Liars.’ The song comes on the heels of its then latest single, ‘Fight or Flight‘ and a remix of the song composed by The Crystal Method last month.

The musical arrangement featured in d3adc0de’s new single is a full on EDM-leaning composition yet still has a welcome semi-industrial approach and sound. That balance of influences makes the song overall an infectious composition. It lends itself to comparison to works from the likes of Zardonic.

Vocalist Stephen Sims talked about the song’s arrangement and lyrical content during a recent interview.

“When [fellow d3adc0de member] Steve [Morgan] sent me the first draft of the song that became ‘Call Out the Liars,’ it immediately struck me that the chorus was big and needed a strong melody for the vocals,” Sims said. ““For me, lyric writing typically comes in after I figure out the melody. With all of the negative events happening around the world over the past few years, I took the opportunity to vent out a lot of frustration and wrote the lyrics in a manner where the meaning is completely open to interpretation by the listener.”

The very chorus, which addresses those narcissistic people who would rather play the victim and make others feel so bad, speaks volumes in itself.

A video for the duo’s new single is in the works. More information the video and d3adc0de’s new single is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: