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Live Concert Photos + Review Of Nothing More, Crown The Empire, A Thousand Below-04-17-2023-Ogden Theater-Photographed By: Tim McClanahan

As the night falls upon Denver, Colorado on April 17,2023 the crowd gathered for a
night of live music at the Ogden Theatre. Three bands were to perform live on stage to a packed
house. The first band A Thousand Below formed in 2016 from San Diego took stage and
preformed spectacularly!
This post hardcore band ripped the stage as smoke rose and stage lights shined. Vocalist
James Deberg sang his emotionally charged lyrics as the crowd roared and moved to the
music! The second band on the bill was Crown the Empire. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, this
American metal core band took the stage. The crowd went crazy as vocalist Andrew “ Andy Leo
“ Rockhold grabbed the microphone.
The lights shined and the band shredded the stage commanding the senses of the crowd. Last
to hit the stage was the headliner Nothing more. This American rock band was formed in 2003
from San Antonio, Texas. Vocalist Jonny Hawkins with his shirt off and chest painted arose and
grabbed the mic and sang charismatic lyrics while showing emotion to the crowd.
As Jonny sang his thought provoking words, growls and screams mixed with melodies that the
crowd sang to as bodies crowd surfed and thrashed to the music. Nothing more gave a
memorable experience to the packed Ogden Theatre and was nothing short of a great show to